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Answering the often asked question, why the name "Smash"?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Well, to answer this question, you have to go back to our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) root. To most of you who don't know what BJJ is, it would be a little bit difficult to grasp the meaning. But I will try my best to explain.

First off, what is BJJ? It is basically a form of ground fighting and much like wrestling, but only with more submissions (submissions are when you are in a position, if you don't tap to yield to the person, something will break on your body or you will go unconscious). It is a form of marital arts that is based on leverage. And most of us would always say, it allows a smaller person to defend him / herself against a bigger and much stronger opponent. But all these words is probably very difficult to grasp still. So why don't you click on the following link and watch this BJJ highlight video--this video often gets my blood pumping by the way.

Now that you kind of understand what BJJ is, I will continue on (and hopefully I have successfully inspire you to try it out).

So both of us--the founders--came from years of BJJ training, under the Carlson Gracie lineage. For me in particular, I trained under the famous Master Rodrigo Medeiros, who is still my idol to this day. Carlson Gracie has this very particular style of BJJ where it is all about strong top pressure to get your opponent to yield. This pressure is tremendous, to the point where those people who don't train this will simply submit to it. And that is essentially the origin of the name "Smash". Ir is really to honour the Carlson Gracie way.

And besides, don't people always say "let's go smash some beers!". So I suppose this word is also quite relevant to beers! So smash one for us. would you!

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