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Let me tell you about me--the brewer!!

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My name is Aki and I’m the brewer. I have long been a beer drinker but it took a long time to find out you can actually brew your own beers… This realization a couple of years ago changed my life.

It took a good few years after quitting my previous job in finance to actually get to a position to start Smash Beers. The time was used to drink beers for research, gain technical knowledge and practical skills, the fundamentals if you like, of becoming a brewer. In addition, I decided to volunteer at a few breweries to see if I could in fact enjoy what brewing would entail, namely a lot of cleaning!

“If you got time to lean, you got time to clean” was a helpful advice from a veteran brewer years before I even thought about actually becoming a brewer!

Now that we have finally started Smash Beers, I am most excited to brew easy drinking beers for people with an active lifestyle wanting to enjoy the social side of drinking but not miss out on next day’s workout.

  • Favourite Part of Brewing: Taking out the spent grain from the lauter tun (unlike in my previous job in finance, you can instantly start to see progress!)

  • Scariest Part of Brewing: Initial tasting and receiving feedback although I believe I am the harshest critic of our own beer

  • Favourite Beer Types/Styles: Pale Ale, IPA, Best Bitter, Irish Stout, Lager, Lambic/Gueuze, Fruit Sours

  • Some of My “Go To” Beers: Keeps changing but always enjoy Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Boon Oude Mariage Parfait, Tergernseer Hell, Schneider Weisse Tap 7, Guinness Stout, Orval

  • Fun Fact: I was born in Belgium so I like to say beer is in my blood. And I grew up in England so this only reinforced the beerness in my blood. I am technically Japanese though. So some appreciation of food with beer could also be in my blood??

  • Favourite Activity: Brazilian Jiujitsu (“BJJ”), a grappling martial arts/sports. Currently a Purple Belt, having been training for around 7.5 years

  • Dream: To run a brewpub with BJJ mats upstairs where I can train BJJ, come downstairs to brew beers, chat to customers and socialise with friends and training partners

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