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We are going online!

I hope everyone is staying safe.

It’s been a tough few months for Hong Kong, with the F&B Industry getting hit especially hard. My thoughts go out to all the people doing their best to survive in these tough times.

Unfortunately, we have been getting SMASHED at SMASH BEERS, rather than SMASHING it which was our aim...

The longer the crisis has been going on, the more I am aware how important hanging out with friends has been. I strongly hope the situation gets back to ‘normal’ very soon again when we can chat and laugh over beers.

For SMASH BEERS and our future, hoping for something to happen is not a strategy. Thus, we have been focused on trying to get our beers into online bottle shops, allowing our customers to have a beer with family at home.

Open Bottle is the first online store we’ve partnered up with. I’ve personally ordered from them and am very happy with the packaging and the speed of delivery. Please check them out at:

We are hoping there will be a few more bottle shops we will partner up with in the near future. Follow our various Social Media channels to find the latest news about SMASH BEERS!

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